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Higher Resolution Greater Accuracy
[1, 2, 3]

MICSI Strives to Improve MRI Image Quality with Software

Currently undergoing clinical study. Has not been reviewed or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration

Diffusion Weighted b=2000 images, 1.0 mm isotropic

MICSI-RMT is a software suite that strives to enhance diffusion and functional MRI image quality.

The core of MICSI-RMT is the MP-PCA algorithm, which leverages the redundancy over MRI measurements to remove noise. MICSI-RMT also includes processing modules that support weighted linear least squares and Bayesian fitting techniques to facilitate quantitative analysis of diffusion weighted imaging. Lastly, MICSI-RMT features cutting edge DICOM data routing ensuring securing and seamless integration into medical workflows.

Our Mission

To Make MRI
More Accessible
More Cost Effective
Supported by Clinical Research, Our Patented[1] Denoising Method Utilizing MP-PCA Reduces Noise[1] & Increases Sensitivity[4] with Fewer Images[2, 3]
Reduction in Noise[1]

Our method demonstrated a 4-fold reduction in noise levels, without compromising the integrity of the diagnostic signal. Rigorous validation confirms that MP-PCA preserves the true anatomical structure, ensuring that the denoising process is both highly effective and remarkably safe for clinical application.[1, 2, 5]

Increased Sensitivity with Few Images[2, 3]

MC-PCA increases the sensitivity of standard MRI protocols requiring fewer images while maintaining the diagnostic sensitivity of the original measurements.[2, 3]

Superior Image Quality to Alternative Solutions

Boost MRI Image Quality[1, 2, 5]

Higher Resolution MRI

Doubling voxel dimensions reduces image quality by 8x, but MP-PCA offsets this loss.[1, 2, 6]

Older Hardware

Image quality differs by roughly 2x between 1.5T and 3.0T MRI systems. MICSI-RMT bridges this gap, extending the life cycle of older MR systems.

Fewer MRI Images Required[2, 3]

Increase Image Throughput

Enhance efficiency with fewer images without sacrificing image quality.

Elevating the standard of MRI

Requiring fewer images frees up the schedule for more complex, time-intensive MR sequences.

Boost MRI Image Quality[1, 2, 5]

Image Quality for All

With our technology, advanced imaging once limited to high-field MRIs is now accessible to more patients. The MICSI logo symbolizes a commitment to superior image quality, assuring patients of top-tier care at our MRI centers.

Reduced Need for Repeat Scans

We get your imaging done right on the first visit. This high-quality imaging significantly decreases the need for follow-up scans, ensuring you get accurate results quickly and efficiently.

Fewer MRI Images Required[2, 3]

Increase Comfort

A MP-PCA enabled MRI scanner requires fewer images, minimizing the discomfort of extended sessions—especially beneficial for those with claustrophobia.

Access to Care

MICSI’s goal is to transform MRI access, reducing wait times from months to days and easing the path to your medical imaging needs.

Solutions & Use Cases


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